Why Cat Urine Smells & What to Do About It

In case your cat has an “accident” in the home, there’s little doubt what the pungent scent is. So what makes cat urine soooo smelly in comparison with canine urine? And what’s the easiest way to take away the scent — for good?

The Chemistry Behind the Odor

Regular cat urine is usually water (about 95%), but it surely additionally comprises urea, ammonia, uric acid and creatinine, that are pure waste merchandise of protein breakdown and contribute to its distinctive, acidic scent. The urea is damaged down into ammonia by micro organism within the atmosphere, which is why it’s essential to scoop the litter field daily to keep away from a powerful ammonia stench emanating from the field. Cat urine tends to be extra concentrated than canine urine (that means it has the next density or specific gravity), which contributes to creating the urine smellier. However that’s not the one distinction.

The Felinine Issue

One more reason cat urine smells completely different to canine or human urine is the felinine issue. Felinine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that’s solely discovered within the urine of home cats and their shut kin (e.g., bobcats and lynx). You possibly can’t really scent felinine (it’s odorless) but it surely breaks down into extremely risky, smelly compounds. Unneutered male cats have a lot greater concentrations of felinine which, together with testosterone, usually makes their urine the stinkiest.

When the Odor Is Completely different

You in all probability attempt to keep away from smelling your cat’s urine, but it surely’s essential to concentrate (significantly if in addition they went outside the litter box) as a result of a change in scent could possibly be attributable to a well being problem. An irregular urine odor could possibly be from an infection, cystitis, dehydration or diabetes. So it’s greatest to contact your veterinarian in case your cat’s urine smells a little bit completely different than regular.

Cat urine doesn’t include micro organism (until your kitty has an infection), however when your cat urinates, micro organism from the encompassing pores and skin and fur can contaminate the urine. That’s why, in case your veterinarian wants to gather a urine sample to verify an an infection, it must be completed utilizing a “clear” methodology that may keep away from contamination from the atmosphere.

Deodorizing the Odor

In case your cat has urinated exterior the litter field, the primary (and greatest) factor to do is clear it up immediately. The stain might be tougher to take away and the scent will change into extra concentrated the longer the urine is there. Additionally, in case your cat can scent the urine, they are going to proceed to make use of that spot. So when you see it, clear it.

The Ohio State University Indoor Pet Initiative has some nice tips about getting completely different ground surfaces clear and ensuring your cat doesn’t begin a brand new behavior. Right here’s a abstract of OSU’s cleansing ideas.

Carpet: Blot the realm with paper towels, then stand on a towel or stack of paper towels to proceed soaking it up. Use a carpet cleaner or a couple of drops of dish detergent and water to saturate the realm, and let it sit for one or two hours. Rinse by gently blotting and utilizing a sponge with faucet water, then soak the realm with membership soda for 10 minutes. Blot with paper towel once more, then use a pile of paper towels or a towel weighed down with one thing heavy in a single day. Lastly, spray the realm with an enzymatic cleaner — don’t use ammonia or ammonia-based merchandise as this will appeal to your cat to the realm and so they could do it once more.

Linoleum: Wipe up the urine with a paper towel or a mop soaked in soapy water. Rinse with heat water, then wipe with a sponge moistened with white vinegar and let the ground air dry.

Hardwood: Blot the urine, then use an enzymatic cleaner (that’s protected for hardwood flooring). If the stain/scent stays, it’s possible you’ll must sand, bleach and refinish the ground.

Laundry: Wash utilizing one cup of white vinegar solely then run the washer once more with detergent.

Discover the Explanation for Urinary “Accidents”

In case your cat has determined the lounge rug is a greater place to urinate than the litter field, it’s essential to search out out why — earlier than it turns into the brand new norm. There are various causes cats break their litter field habits, together with well being points, litter field aversions, behavioral or social issues and territory marking. This post may also help you unravel the litter field downside, or for additional recommendation, speak along with your veterinarian. The faster you possibly can deal with the issue, the simpler it will likely be to get your cat again on the fitting path (to the litter field).


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