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Final week I gave you this slightly spectacular spider to have a go at figuring out:

The large measurement had a a number of folks on Twitter and within the feedback right here suggesting it’s a Goliath Birdeater Theraphosa blondi. It’s large, with a leg span of round 19-20cm, however not fairly as large (or as chunky) because the Goliath.

Additionally, though it’s most likely not straightforward to see from the primary picture, this specimen has tibial spurs on the primary pair of legs – that are absent in Goliath Birdeaters:

Tibial spurs on first pair of legs (don’t confuse them with the hooked mating organ on the finish of the pedipalp)

One other factor that’s not straightforward to see in the primary picture is a few refined purple iridescence on the primary three legs, pedipalps and chelicerae:

That is one thing I solely observed after in search of it with a lightweight and it presents some help for the identification on the aspect of the field:

This label suggests the specimen is Bolivian (or on this case Peruvian) Blue-leg Birdeater Pamphobeteus antinous Pocock, 1903, however that species (as hinted at by the title) has fairly distinctly blue legs:

There are fourteen different species within the genus Pamphobeteus, a few of which additionally show a point of iridescence on the identical elements of the physique, so I believe that what now we have right here is among the different species. I’m questioning if it is perhaps Pamphobeteus grandis Bertani, Fukushima & Silva, 2008, which may be very related in look to P. antinous, besides it has purple iridescence slightly than violet/blue.

Sadly, I’m no spider professional and I don’t have time in the mean time to go through the diagnostic features of P. grandis and relatives below a microscope, however after I get an opportunity I’ll examine my tentative identification!

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